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One Lisp programming language that is available for the RCX brick is RCXLisp. RCXLisp is designed to allow for greater communication between the RCX brick and the MindStorms infrared tower, such as remotely controlling the RCX brick, or setting up a network of RCX bricks which can communicate with each other.


We suggest using LispWorks Personal edition to program the RCX brick, but you will also need to download the install files for the RCXLisp language. These two files, along with the manual for the RCXLisp language can be found below:

LispWorks Personal Edition
RCXLisp install files
RCXLisp Manual

For additional information about RCXLisp, take a look at the following documents by Dr. Frank Klassner of Villanova.

A Case Study of Lego MindStorms' Suitability for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Courses
A Tool for Integrating Lisp and Robotics in AI Agents Courses

Or look at this presentation given by Dr. Klassner at the SIGCSE Symposium in 2002.

Lego MindStorms: Not Just for K-12 Anymore